Brand Designer, Content Creator, & Idea Monetizer

Hi! I'm so glad you're here. My name is Rikki Lee and I am the CEO and founder of The Rikki Lee Agency. I work as a social media and branding expert for several creative entrepreneurs and influencers to provide creative and holistic design solutions. I am also a third-year Business Marketing student at Ohio State University with double minors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Professional Writing. By day you can find me attending class, hosting club meetings, and studying. And by night, you'll find me curating social media strategy, editing Youtube videos, and listening to my favorite Podcasts. 


My passion is partnering with female creative solopreneurs whose values are creating and cultivating unique products/spaces for their clients. My approach to design encompasses a top to bottom analysis of current trends and design elements to roll out custom aesthetics for my client’s brands.

-Rikki Lee