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Ready to give your social media a facelift?

It's time to stop trying to do it yourself and allow us to assist you. The Rikki Lee Agency specializes in developing strategy and social campaigns that are not only pretty but profitable as well.

It's time to operate as the thought leader you are!

I know you're an expert but does your audience know? Remember that one math or science teacher you had that knew everything but really knew how to teach nothing? Yeah, don't be like them. 

Let us help you. 

Thought leadership is beyond just doing the research and spewing out the information in your Instagram and Facebook captions. It's providing an experience for your audience every time they encounter your content. 

We can help define your aesthetic & UBP. 

How do you want your audience to feel every time they encounter your content? Your aesthetic establishes the mood and looks of your content. What sets your content apart? Your Unique Brand Proposition is your unique offer to your audience that your competitors can't give.  
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