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Need help establishing your brand presence?

It's time to stop trying to do it yourself and allow us to assist you. The Rikki Lee Agency specializes in developing aesthetically timeless brands through what we call editorials.

We've got you covered.

An Editorial is a perfect fix if you have tried doing it yourself and nothing seems to truly speak to who and what you care about. Developing a logo and choosing your colors is the easy part. But what about your client avatar, target audience, and unique brand proposition? 
 Phase One: We will unfold the who, what, where, when, and why of your brand. Through a series of questionnaires and activities we will develop the pillars of your brand to establish an aesthetically timeless look . 

In just three phases we can make your brand timeless.

 Phase Two: We will dive into the feel of your brand. This where a lot of the heavy lifting comes in. What is your audience going through? How will you help them in ways others can not? This is when we will establish the unique editorial feel your brand.
 Phase Three: We will dive into the look of your brand. This is vital in attracting the clients of your dreams. We will establish consistent designs and imagery that are pretty and profitable. 

Ready to get started? 

We offer two editorial (branding) packages. Brand Development currently does not include web design.

Choose an Editorial Best For You!

$1200 Investment
or 4 Payments of $349 
Primary & Secondary Logos
Brand Editorial Suite
2 FREE Launch Graphics
Custom Client Portal
$2000 Investment
or 4 Payments of $549 
Primary & Secondary Logos
Brand Editorial Suite
 2 FREE Launch Graphics 
Custom Client Portal
Ideal Client Profile
Editorial Shoot Strategy
This service is for you if. . .
This service is not for you if. . .
You haven't established your business idea
You are scaling your business
You are looking for a design suite
You are just looking for a logo
You can dedicate 6-12 wks to this process (IT'S INTENSE)
You can NOT dedicate 6-12 wks to this process #BOOKED&BUSY
Editorial Packages
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